Hi there, I’m Hemali

And here’s my story !

I direct my learnings and experience to guide participants on a fulfilling journey of self-realization by honing the deep-rooted, free-spirited capabilities of the left side of their brain.

To begin with, I’m a human behavior analyst & certified creative life coach and a commercial & fine artist holding a degree in fine arts from Sir. J.J. School of Art, Mumbai. Besides this, I’m also an English literature graduate, and my experience includes commercial advertising and professional and free lanced artworks. I have participated in several national and international art shows in India and abroad. I look at creativity as something you need to step in first to shape anything into reality. I strongly believe that expressions form the base of every human endeavor, and the ability to think and act creatively is the aspect that drives our purpose in the logical world driven by quantitative inputs.

However, the increased pressure to think analytically is limiting the exploration of the more creative and expressive side of our personalities, which stores enormous capacity to give life and direction to concepts capable of transforming into reality. This is where I step in to encourage creative thinking and help you train your mind creatively and apply the learned skills in various walks of life to achieve desired goals and objectives.

Let’s introduce one another

While I’m a practicing artist by profession, specializing in abstract and portrait painting using various mediums like mixed media and oil paintings. Somewhere in my journey of life with various experiences and experiments, I realized I couldn’t do much in terms of contributing to the society. I thought of exploring creativity beyond my canvas something worthwhile to the purse, to ignite the creative genius within the common man who feels that creativity is not for everyone or rather also the other section of people who believe that creative people have no genius and are mediocre.  That’s when I thought of becoming a creative life coach, which enabled me to satiate my calling and encourage people to see life from the intuitive side of their thinking. I’m focusing exclusively on developing the human psyche via imaginative aspects that are the essence of holistic development.

Using my expertise and applying the distinctive knowledge about the innate functioning of the human brain, I bring forth a revolutionary transformation in the way individuals interpret their surroundings and perform their actions that eventually decide the course of their lives.

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I’m on a mission to influence numerous lives and enhance their thinking abilities by guiding them on the path of creative thinking that transforms their lives significantly.

I’m passionate about guiding people to realize that creative thinking is an innate quality of their psyche, waiting to be tapped. I take a committed approach to lead participants on the journey of creative thinking to help them realize their inner potential and inspire them to apply these thinking abilities to enhance their performance across different walks of life. I aim to nurture individuals with imaginative skills that help them see life from a new and realistic perspective.


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